Couples Q and A - Dhar & Laura

Couples Q and A

By Dhar & Laura

Marriage plans? Baby plans? How did Dhar and Laura meet? What’s it like working together? Is it hard being an interracial couple? How did each other’s parents feel? In this Couple’s Q&A Dhar Mann and Laura G dish all the deets for the first time ever!

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2 Replies to “Couples Q and A”

  1. I really enjoy watching your personal videos plus the Vids Dhar shows that teaches people about Love ,Humility,sharing etc really good.I pray that all goes well during this Covid-19 Pandemic for you both and your baby’s arrival stay safe God Bless ??

  2. It is May first. First time that Dhar hasn’t posted a video. I look forward to them. I know that Laura is about to have their baby and was anxious (especially because of the virus).. I am hoping and praying that all is well with the baby and Laura. Hope to hear some good news soon.

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