Dhar and Laura LiveGlam Giveaway

Dhar and Laura LiveGlam Giveaway

By Dhar & Laura

Who’s ready for our biggest giveaway!?

Dhar Mann and Laura G Giveaway Contest 2019Enter the Dhar Mann and Laura G LiveGlam Giveaway on the LiveGlam Instagram profile @LiveGlam.Co

One winner will receive OVER $1,500 WORTH OF GIFTS ?:⠀⁣
✨ 1 Gucci Bag⠀⁣
✨ 1 Year of LiveGlam KissMe Lippies
✨ 1 Year of LiveGlam MorpheMe Brushes⁣
✨ 1 Year of LiveGlam ShadowMe Palettes⁣
Giveaway Rules:⠀⁣
All details on www.instagram.com/liveglam.co

You can enter the giveaway from anywhere in the world! Winners will be announced on 07/17 @ 5PM PST! Good luck ❤️

Laura Gurrola and Dhar Mann LiveGlam Giveaway on Instagram Follow @Dhar.Mann and @laurag_143 on Instagram for the latest giveaways.

Be on the lookout for more amazing giveaways and don’t forget for each YouTube video we choose 1 winner to receive $100, all you have to do is comment on a video and be a subscriber of our channel! Follow the official Dhar and Laura Vlog on YouTube to stay up-to-date with our latest content: http://bit.ly/DharAndLauraYouTube

7 Replies to “Dhar and Laura LiveGlam Giveaway”

  1. Hey mam u n ur husband is a pair made in heaven n a lovely couple too i always love ur hussy video but i does be sad when i look at it because my life is sad right nw i wish i could get a min from someone so i can share my story with them

  2. Hi Dhar and Laura,

    I was watching your live video and I would be interested in a Christmas Card 🙂 you 2 are the best looking couple.

    How would I go about sending my address?

    1. Hello Laura and that,Looking good, your very generous,whether I get something or not love u both, watch your videos,xxx

  3. I wach your video on you tube. Must say that i like it verry much. The fact that i have no money and a real home makes me sometimes so sad. But when i watch one of your videos i have the confidence that one day my life can also chance. Greeting from the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

  4. After viewing your Facebook, Websites, and Videos, I like what I see. Positive attitude and energy make the World a better place. Avoiding negativity at all levels is changing my life for the better. My life had been a Roller Coaster ride, I try to do good and many bad things happen to me or people done me wrong. The last thing I faced was Slip-and-Fall on Ice a year ago. The Cemetery do not want to take the accountability and refuse to pay my Medical and Dental bills. It is never ending turmoil. The only thing left is getting Dental Implants to replace 8 missing teeth. I need help and nobody wants to help. I am devastated and depressed that I do not smile and hard to enjoy meals when around family members, friends, and co-workers. Please help. God Bless!

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